The highest guarantees

At Casado Morales the most avant-garde technique of the oenological actuality is at the service of quality, with the aim to extract the maximum richness of the grapes that come from our own vineyards.

This way it will be possible to offer the maximum guarantees when it comes to the perfect development of the elaboration process, and meet the high quality that characterises the best wines in the world.

Our own identity

This combination of technological, handcrafted and familiar knowledge are the key that gives our wines their own identity.

Elaboration systems

We elaborate our wine by the full grape system (carbonic maceration) for young wines and stemmed grapes for the wines that will age in oak barrels.

During the fermentation process we apply intense and frequent remounting to obtain wines of great colour and body, making possible a balance and a singular structure of great character.

After alcoholic fermentation the wines come down due to gravity to a second shed where they will be stored in reinforced concrete deposits for their malolactic fermentation.