Persistence is the virtue by which every work pays off

Our sheds stand far from noise and vibrations, in an aseptic and impeccable frame.

With total control of the ideal temperature and humidity. We count 1000 barrels, 700 of which are of French oak and 300 of American oak, whose age will never exceed that of 5 years old.

Every wine is unique

Every wine is unique, every vintage is special, which is why each needs its barrel time and its different oak, that will infuse the wine its peculiar character.

Thanks to family tradition we have obtained great expertise when it comes to assembling wines, the combination of oaks and with the different wine and grape varieties we obtain a character built up through the years, which will be visible on the final result in the bottle, where it will finish to develop all its qualities.

A final rest for excellence

Once again rest, wine will rest in the bottle racks in absolute silent, where the air is full of darkness and romanticism, a place where wine will finish aging for an excellent result.

Gathering the taste of experience, Casado Morales is born. A wine that offers a singular and distinctive personality, in which they are assessed the man’s hand, the secrets, illusion and and knowledge of a family, an art that deserves to be continued.