The highest quality

The desire to obtain maximum quality in our harvests leads us to late collection of the grape, which ensures high glucometric richness of this fruit. Our obsession with quality prompts us to collect the grapes manually, one by one, aiming for the clusters to arrive as healthy as possible to the winery, avoiding bruising and smashing the fruit. This is a crucial moment for the result of the process.

Exhaustive controls

Exhaustive controls of the fruit are made in every strain, both with parametric and sensorial analysis, testing the grain and the state of maturity of the husks. This way only healthy and mature grapes will be collected.

Selected cluster by cluster

Then, once in the winery, grapes will be selected cluster by cluster, separating the grapes that don’t meet the quality standards we require at Casado Morales, therefore choosing the healthiest and most mature grapes, an exhaustive and expensive task.